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Clothing & Equipment

There is a school uniform. It consists of a navy blue jumper/cardigan, red polo shirt, grey/black/navy trousers and grey/navy skirt. The navy blue sweatshirts/cardigans and red polo shirts with an embroidered badge can be purchased directly from ‘School Shop Direct’

School Shop Direct
Unit 13 Sundorne Trade Park,
Featherbed Lane,
Tel:01743 440449

All other items of uniform can be purchased from any outfitter in Shrewsbury.
During the summer months girls may wear a blue checked dress and boys are allowed to wear smart tailored shorts (not sports shorts). All children are expected to wear appropriate black shoes without high heels or decorative features. Boots may be worn in the winter and sensible flat soled sandals in black, brown, white or navy in the summer. Trainers are only worn for physical education. Your child will also need a games kit. This consists of navy/blue shorts, white top, a tracksuit in the winter, trainers, football boots, and other items as appropriate, and a small bag to keep them in. As many children dress in similar clothes, we strongly advise parents to mark all articles of clothing (including Wellington boots!) and all personal property with your child’s name.