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Spelling at St George’s follows the sequence set out in the National Curriculum.

On entry to St George’s, Year 3 children are assessed and any gaps in their phonic knowledge are identified. Gaps in children’s phonic knowledge are closed through targeted intervention groups.

Across the school, children are regularly assessed on their spelling abilities and are given spelling to suit their spelling age. Children are set spellings which they practice at home and in class through designated spelling lessons. Each child has a spelling journal where they:

Investigate spelling patterns and rules.

  • Understand the definitions of the words they are learning.
  • Learn about the origins of words.
  • Develop a range of strategies for learning spellings.
  • Learn about associated punctuation skills.
  • Use words in context.

In addition to the set program and learning different strategies for spelling, children are encouraged at all times to use word books, dictionaries and thesauruses as a matter of habit. These are kept easily accessible for children and the use of them is modelled for children from Year 3.