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Religious Education


To develop children’s awareness and tolerance of different religions and cultures in their local community and the wider world.


Our teaching of RE promotes the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils.

Using the Discovery RE Syllabus as an underlying structure to form the basis of our planning, children are taught knowledge and understanding around a range of religious and worldwide views.

This enables pupils to describe, explain, analyse and investigate religions, cultures and communities (including their own). Significant celebrations and festivals from a range of religions are recognised through themed days, trips and visitors to school.

We aim to encourage pupils to:

·    appreciate beliefs and practices

·    recognise the diversity and values within and between individuals and communities

·    develop their own beliefs and values

·    become tolerant citizens, preparing them for the diverse world we live in

Assemblies are an important and an integral part of our curriculum allowing pupils time to learn and reflect as a whole school.

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