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 For every child to develop a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected nature of mathematics, equipping them with the skills of number fluency, reasoning and problem solving required for everyday life.
At St. George’s Junior School, we inspire all pupils to become confident, curious and enthusiastic mathematicians. To achieve this, we provide a curriculum which incorporates the following key principles:

Developing pupils’ number fluency by building on the foundations introduced in Key Stage 1. Progressing pupils’ conceptual understanding, ability to see patterns and securing their sense of number through increasingly complex, varied and frequent practice which enables them to recall and apply knowledge with speed and accuracy.

Teaching and learning will provide opportunities for pupils to investigate, question and reason about different mathematical concepts through conjecture, generalisations and making links. Pupils will be challenged to use accurate mathematical language and provide justification and proof to support them in their line of enquiry.

Mathematics will be considered in context, with pupils applying their skills and knowledge to solve a range of problems from across the curriculum and in real life situations. Teaching will encourage pupils to identify the relationships between different areas of mathematics, break problems down into small steps and communicate their findings to others.

The development of a ‘Mathematical Mindset’ is integral to pupils’ engagement within the subject, allowing them to persevere and overcome the challenges they face.  Developing this mindset enables all pupils to succeed and enjoy mathematics.

Where suitable, teachers will use technology to extend, support and engage learning both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Calculation Policy Mar 2017 

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