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Foreign Language


To provide learners with the opportunity to develop and explore another culture in addition to its communication and language.


At St George’s, the teaching of French encourages pupils to confidently understand and respond to the spoken and written language.

Our approach aims to expose pupils to authentic resources that promote linguistic conversation when reading, writing and speaking. We teach our pupils to speak clearly, encouraging accuracy in their pronunciation and intonation. Our curriculum also enables pupils to explore and understand the culture of another country through its language, geography and traditions.

· pupils are encouraged to develop their conversational skills in order to enable them to access and communicate in an ever changing, multicultural world.

· learning is developed through context and for purpose: pupils are provided with the tools and skills to engage in basic conversations, embedding these skills progressively throughout their journey at St George’s.

·  as well as learning conversational skills, children learn about a range of cultural aspects including daily life, traditions and celebrations.

·  we also explore, where possible, links between different languages’ word meanings and spellings.