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ICT at St George's


To develop children’s experience and understanding of computing, inspiring them to use it in varied and creative ways to prepare them for a future in an increasingly digital world.

Technology is a rapidly developing area which is embedded in every aspect of the lives of the children that we teach. We ensure that our children are prepared for life in an ever more digital world by teaching an inspiring and creative computing curriculum which places a large emphasis on computational thinking so that our children are able to analyse and solve varied and challenging problems. By embedding computing throughout the curriculum, we enhance children’s engagement and progress across all subjects.

Computing is divided into three major areas which are all taught both explicitly and holistically across a broad and balanced curriculum:

  • Digital Literacy – To be able to express ideas confidently and creatively using varied technologies.
  • Information Technology – To understand how technology works and to be able to use it competently.
  • Computer Science – To use computational thinking to solve problems and create things for a purpose. A large part of this area is coding computer programs.

E-Safety is embedded through all of these areas to ensure that children understand how to use technology safely and responsibly, becoming responsible digital citizens.

ICT at St George'sInternet safety

We regularly teach the children about safe online use and we apply strong and age-appropriate filters within school I.T. systems. Children are also given clear instructions about what to do if they see something on a website which makes them uncomfortable.

Enlisting parents’ support

We ask parents to support the school in promoting online safety and we highlight the school’s e-safety policy in newsletters and communication.

SMART rules are displayed around school. Click on this link to view the E-Safety Poster

Listed below are some useful websites to help you learn more about e-safety:

Design Technology

Through our Design Technology curriculum children are encouraged to create practical solutions to real life problems. This involves: generating ideas and solutions independently and in collaboration with other pupils; and by designing, making, testing and finally evaluating their solutions.