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Design and Technology

 To develop children’s experiences and understanding of design and making, inspiring their curiosity about how and why products are made to enhance our lives.
At St. George’s, our design and technology curriculum provides learning opportunities that foster children’s creativity and imagination. We build, develop and refine our pupils’ reflection/evaluation, design, making and problem solving skills in a broad range of meaningful, relevant contexts through which they can acquire life-long skills.

Children use creativity and imagination to make products that satisfy real-life problems and provide them with the skills to reason, problem solve and become resilient learners. This encourages children to become aware of other’s needs, wants and values, as well as their own.

This is taught through:

  • food technology
  • textiles
  • mechanical systems
  • structures

Through working as individuals and teams, children will learn to become resourceful, enterprising, innovative and capable citizens. Evaluation of past and present design and technology will allow children to develop a critical understanding of its influence on the local and wider community.